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Best Recruitment Agencies in Malta for Foreigners 2021

List of Recruitment Agencies in Malta in 2021

Top Recruitment Agencies in Malta for Foreigners in 2021 | Are you looking for the latest top recruitment agencies in Malta for foreigners for employment service or settlement? If yes, then we have collected the list and information related to list of recruitment agencies in malta, their contact person, contact number, and address. We hope you find this list useful.

All the malta job consultancy or malta recruitment agencies that are provided in this post are top and provide high-quality service to their clients. You can rely upon them for all your necessary works and permits documents.

With the help of different recruitment agencies in Malta for foreigners, it will be easier for you to find a job, housing, or prepare for all other necessary documents. This will save you a lot of time and unnecessary problems. Popular recruitment agencies in Malta will help you to find all the details that you need to either visit or work permits.

Whether you are searching for unskilled jobs in Malta or High-paying jobs in Malta, these recruitment agencies will help you a lot in finding the right job for you.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Malta

Recently, Malta has seen a high increase in employment as its technology sector, IT sector, industrial sector as well as tourism has developed well. Since, one of the tough work is to find suitable jobs, right staffs, and talent, these recruitment agencies will be very helpful for you to find such things – things that matter to you the most

Malta Recruitment and Malta Employment Agencies 2021

As you all know, not all recruitment and employment agencies in Malta are genuine. Therefore, after quite a bit of research we have assembled a list of top recruitment agencies in Malta for your reference. All these Malta Job Recruitment Agencies have high years of experience and service, so it will be very much useful for you.

We do understand that the success of yours depends on finding the best for you, so we have collected this list merely for your easiness. No matter what, we are here to provide all the necessary information regarding the recruitment companies in Malta.

Why do you need a Malta Recruitment Agency ?

At this time you may be asking, why do I need a Recruitment Agency at first place when I can myself search for jobs. It sure is true, but may top companies in Malta use recruitment agencies to hire people to their companies. This is due to less work involved from the companies as all the difficult task is handled by Recruitment Agency.

Recruiters at such agencies have information regarding the jobs openings in different types of companies. They cover a high spectrum of and wide range of job positions across multiple companies.

Along with these reasons, there the following reasons why using a consultancy agency is beneficial to both company and employee:

  • Higher ability to identify talents
  • Negotiate Salaries
  • Deliver professionalism
  • Save time and money
  • Easier to save interviews and relay jobs
  • Help and support to potential employees
  • Provides additional service and support
  • Expertise in hiring
  • Reduces training costs
  • Provides reliable information

How can I get a job offer from Malta ?

In order to get a job offer from Malta, you must first apply for the jobs that the company has delivered. If company finds you legible or attractive, then the process of recommendation proceeds. Also, recruitment agencies can hire people from abroad to work in Malta.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Malta 2021

Here we have presented the tabular format where you can find different recruitment firms and agencies in Malta along with their contact information, official website, and contact email.

S.N.Agency NameOfficial WebsiteContact EmailContact Phone
1Job Matching Partner 7716 7506
2Ceek 2703 0133
3Betting Connections 2720 4520
4Archer IT Recuitment 2034 1510
5Broadwing 2017 3260
6Castille Resources 20 933 000
7Boston Link 2704 1692
8Crossroads 2333 2222
9Erremme Recruitment 2166 1273
10Europe Recruitment 21333247
11G Staff Services Ltd 9945 1951
12GCS Malta 2016 1022
13Accelerate Finance and Legal Recruitment 2034 1700
14Konnekt 2123 4010
15M Recruitment 2712 0765
16Malta International 2144 3419
17People & Co. 27 322 314
18Nicholls Moisa 9939 5315
19Paragon 2339 0100
20Pentasia 21383481
21Quad Consultancy 2099 4444
22Recruitizhttp://recruitiz.com 2010 4148
23Reed 2779 4555
24Tempsinmalta.com 2010 1115
25StreetHR 2737 9321
26YPA Recruit 9989 0189
27Triple 3 Group 2010 6220
28Vacancy Centre 2123 2224
29Muovo 2017 3260

Job Categories Recruitment Agencies are hiring

Recruitment Agencies in Malta are hiring jobs of different sorts and categories. Some of the Malta International Recruitment Agency will also provide a variety of high-end high-paying jobs in Malta. Other Malta Job agency is hiring for the following professions:

  • Computers and Technology
  • Fitness, training and Instructors
  • Healthcare and Education
  • Accounting and Business Finance
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Service Industry
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Driving and Social Services.

If you have any queries regarding the recruitment agencies and firms in Malta, please let us know,

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the job posted above, please feel free to drop your concerns in the comment section down below.

⚠ Safety Tip: Do not pay anyone for any kind of application, information or interview. A genuine recruiter will never ask for money for your recruitment. Do not fall for petty scams.