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High Paying Jobs in Malta 2021 | Best Paying Malta Jobs

High Paying Jobs in Malta 2021 Latest Job Vacancies

High Paying Jobs in Malta with salaries and benefits | Malta is one of the promising county to work on. With developing tourism and financial sectors, Malta has become an attractive location for international immigrants to visit and work here. The life here is simple, robust and relatively cheaper compared to USA. Today, in this post we are going to list out some of the high paying jobs in Malta in 2021 along with Salaries.

Previously we have already covered some articles regarding life in Malta, expenses and what to expect after you move to Malta. Also, we’ve covered the basics and different salaries in different sectors in Malta. You can check our Best Attractive Jobs in Malta for foreigners and also look out for Unskilled Jobs in Malta for foreigners 2021.

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As in our previous post, we would like to provide you a piece of general information regarding Malta.

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What are some of the high paying job sectors in Malta ?

With growing economy, tourism and advertising, Malta has some exciting career opportunities for people inside and outside Europe. If you are thinking to work in a foreign country, Malta could be a very wise choice.

Here, we will discuss the highest paying jobs and professions in Malta:

  1. Doctors / Surgeons (approx. 8,260 EUR to 27,000 EUR)
  2. Judges ( approx. 6,940 EUR to 22,700 EUR)
  3. Lawyers (approx .5,610 EUR to 18,400 EUR)
  4. Banker and Bank Managers ( approx. 5,280 EUR to 17,300 EUR)
  5. Chief Executive Officer ( approx. 4,950 EUR to 16,200 EUR)
  6. Chief Financial Officer ( approx. 4,620 EUR to 15,100 EUR)
  7. Orthodontists ( approx. 4,460 EUR to 14,600 EUR)
  8. College Professors ( approx. 3,960 EUR to 13,000 EUR)
  9. Pilots ( approx. 3,300 EUR to 10,800 EUR)
  10. Marketing Directors ( approx. 2,970 EUR to 9,720 EUR)

As you can expect, all these professions require high level of expertise and knowledge. If you are one of these, please do not hesitate to apply.

Job TypeHigh Paying jobs in Malta
LocationVarious cities across Malta
SalaryHigh Paying (given below)
BenefitsLucrative (discussed in interview)
Last Updated On10th June 2021

High Paying Jobs in Malta Latest Career Vacancies 2021

Below we have posted some of the high paying jobs in Malta along with the salaries. Jobs in Malta that pay you well require a high level of expertise and experience, so be sure to mention them while you apply for the job.

S.NJob TitleSalaryDepartmentAction
1Technical Content Writer€30,000 – €40,000 Marketing & PRView and Apply
2Java Software Engineer (Mid-level and Senior)€40,000 – €60,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
3Chief Commercial Officer €60,000 – €65,000 Sales & Business DevelopmentView and Apply
4Risk and Compliance Officer€50,000 – €60,000 ComplianceView and Apply
5Corporate Services Manager€40,000 – €43,000 Corporate ServicesView and Apply
6Sales and Distribution Manager€35,000 – €40,000 Sales & Business DevelopmentView and Apply
7International Business Development Manager – Frozen Foods€50,000 – €60,000 Sales & Business DevelopmentView and Apply
8Business Applications Analystup to €38,000 Technical Project ManagementView and Apply
9DevOps Engineerup to €40,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
10Compliance Officer€50,000 – €55,000 ComplianceView and Apply
11Corporate and Finance Services Lawyer€38,000 – €40,000 LegalView and Apply
12QA Engineer€30,000 – €39,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
13Compliance Officer€50,000 – €65,000 ComplianceView and Apply
14Devops Implementation Engineerup to €45,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
15Head of Department (Accounting)€55,000 – €60,000 AccountingView and Apply
16Audit Supervisor€35,000 – €40,000 AccountingView and Apply
17Compliance Manager€45,000 – €65,000 ComplianceView and Apply
18Head of Accounting€50,000 – €60,000 AccountingView and Apply
19Accountant (iGaming)€32,000 – €37,000 AccountingView and Apply
20AML-CFT Regulatory Advisor€40,000 – €50,000 ComplianceView and Apply
21Compliance Officer€30,000 – €40,000 ComplianceView and Apply
22System Engineer (AZURE / AWS)€40,000 – €50,000 Technical InfrastructureView and Apply
23MLRO & Compliance Officer€50,000 – €60,000 ComplianceView and Apply
24Senior Systems Engineer€35,000 – €40,000 Technical InfrastructureView and Apply
25Senior Go Lang Developer€40,000 – €60,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
26Senior Accountant (Definite Contract)€30,000 – €40,000 AccountingView and Apply
27Senior Legal Officer€35,000 – €50,000 LegalView and Apply
28.NET Developer€30,000 – €38,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
29Senior Associate€34,500 – €45,000 LegalView and Apply
30Group Compliance & MLRO Manager€40,000 – €50,000 ComplianceView and Apply
31Senior Full Stack Developer (.Net / C#)€37,000 – €40,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
32Financial Controller€43,000 – €45,000 AccountingView and Apply
33Networks and IT Security Professional€35,000 – €45,000 Security & RiskView and Apply
34Structural Engineer €35,000 – €40,000 EngineeringView and Apply
35Senior Accountant€45,000 – €50,000 AccountingView and Apply
36Systems Administrator€35,000 – €40,000 Technical InfrastructureView and Apply
37Senior Tax Associate€40,000 – €45,000 AccountingView and Apply
38Senior Accountant€38,000 – €42,000 AccountingView and Apply
39Process Engineer€33,000 – €44,000 Production ManagementView and Apply
40Senior Associate€40,000 – €45,000 LegalView and Apply
41Network Security Engineer €32,000 – €36,000 Technical InfrastructureView and Apply
42Full-stack PHP Developer (Remote)€45,000 – €55,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply
43Technical Accounting Manager€50,000 – €60,000 AccountingView and Apply
44Senior Full Stack Developer €35,000 – €43,000 Software DevelopmentView and Apply

Similar High Paying Jobs in Malta in 2021

Here are another list of high paying jobs in Malta that you can apply for.

S.NJob TitleSalariesAction
1Full or Part Qualified Accountant Full Time €25000 – €3200 View and Apply
2Accounts Clerk Full Time,€14000 – €1600 View and Apply
3Assistant Pension Administrator Full Time,1800View and Apply
4Administrative Executive Full Time,2000View and Apply
5Office Clerk Full Time,€18000 – €2100 View and Apply
6Accounts Clerk Full Time, €16000 – €1800 View and Apply
7Junior Accountant Full Time, €18000 – €2200 View and Apply
8Project Coordinator Full Time, €20000 – €2400 View and Apply
9Junior Technician Full Time,2200View and Apply
10Junior Web Developer Full Time, €23000 – €2800 View and Apply
11Accounts Executive Full Time, €20000 – €2300 View and Apply
12Client Accountant Full Time, €20000 – €2500 View and Apply
13Front Office Administrator Full Time, €16000 – €1800 View and Apply
14Junior Lawyer Full Time, €20000 – €2400 View and Apply
15Delivery Driver (Night Shift) Full Time,1612View and Apply
16Junior Client Accountant Full Time, €20000 – €2500 View and Apply
17Shipping and Purchasing Executive Full Time,1700View and Apply
18Finance Officer Full Time, €27000 – €3000 View and Apply
19Business Development Executive Full Time, €15000 – €1700 View and Apply
20Accounts Administrator Full Time, €17000 – €1900 View and Apply

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the job posted above, please feel free to drop your concerns in the comment section down below.

⚠ Safety Tip: Do not pay anyone for any kind of application, information or interview. A genuine recruiter will never ask for money for your recruitment. Do not fall for petty scams.

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