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Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada 2021 | Latest Vacancies

Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

Latest Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada 2021 | Are you interested in fruit picking jobs in Canada for foreigners? If yes, then you’ve arrived at the correct site that provides you with the latest information about the latest fruit picker jobs in Canada. Jobs such as apple picker in Canada, strawberry picker in Canada are extremely fun and moderate paying for foreigners – especially to Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos. You can get several jobs and roles such as fruit picker, strawberry picker, tomato picker, herbs picker, stone picker and so on. Most of the people working for this job are from countries like India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal, Senegal, Nigeria and other such countries.


Fruit Pickers Jobs with VISA sponsorship 2021 is gaining attraction as such jobs are relatably easy to find and will help you to adjust to your foreign life in Canada. Another thing to look out for is, you are working with people of familiar surroundings and will be provided with a modest amount of your hard work. That’s why most of the people who go to Canada for work will always look for Fruit picker jobs in Canada.

Although only marginal land in Canada is suitable for farming, the Government has proposed several plans which are helping farmers to expand their land. More farming schemes such as pig farming, or cattle raising are growing gradually. Wheat, canola, lentils, fruits are extensively grown in Canadian dry and cold lands.

Why fruit picking jobs in Canada ?

Fruit picking jobs are extremely popular with Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos because they provide a sustainable way of living for people who’ve just entered Canada and are in search of jobs. The job requires little to no expertise and marginal skills are learnt in no time even for newcomers. The pay is also high considering the skill level and there are always opportunities to look out for. Fruit pickers jobs in Canada 2021 will always be one of the best choices for people searching jobs in Canada.


Furthermore, Canada is moving towards a more advanced country. Native people of Canada do not want to work on farms or farmlands. A lot of work in Canadian farmlands are seasonal work and most Canadians prefer to work all year round. So, this has created a shortage of workers in Canada. Almost 55,000 foreign workers have worked in the Canadian Agriculture sector.

Fruit Picking Job Vacancies in Canada 2021

There are many vacancies available for work abroad in Canada fruit pickers. Apple picking jobs in Canada have attracted a lot of attention as it is high paying and comes with nice facilities. Fruit picker jobs for freshers are also great because these kinds of jobs does not require a lot of skills to learn. As per JobBank, these are current openings for fruit picker jobs in canada 2021.

Job TitleNo. of VacanciesLocation
Apple Picker280Ontario, Canada
Citrus Picker79Montreal, Canada
Fruit Or Vegetable Picker275Ontario, Canada
Grapes Picking71Calgary, Canada
Cherry Picker83British Columbia, Canada
Blueberry Picker55Calgary, Canada
Strawberry Picking and Packaging810Toronto, Canada
Tomato Picker and Packer163Toronto, Canada

How to apply for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada ?

Applying for fruit picking jobs with VISA Sponsorship is not a very difficult process. Although you must have a working VISA in order to apply for job. If you currently do not have a working VISA, then you are not legible to work as a fruit picker in Canada.

If you are still interested to apply for jobs in Canada, you can visit the company site and directly apply from there. You must send your resume, CV and cover letter. In such a case, the company may provide you VISA sponsorship, but that is highly unlikely cause it is very difficult to consider working immigrants getting VISA sponsorship based on online CV/Resume proposal.

Job Requirements for Job Pickers in Canada

Since the job is not highly skilled, you need a moderate set of skills to work as a fruit picker in Canada. Although you may have to work long hours there are certain things that y ou need to focus if you want to work in Canada :

  • Language: English
  • Experience: Not needed, but if you have it’s preferred
  • Education: High school pass
  • Specific Skills: Pack and Load vegetables, load and transfer crates, use equipments
  • Types of fruits: Apple, berries, cherries, strawberry, tomato, herbs, Citrus, Grapes
  • Work Location: You will mostly be working on rural Canadian places

Latest Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada 2021 [UPDATED]

Here we have listed all the current and latest vacancies of fruit picker jobs in Canada. Along with this list, you get the company you will be working for, their prime work location and salary (pay per hour). As you can see there are a lot of opportunities available for fruit picker jobs in Canada for Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos.

S.N.Job TitleCompanyLocationSalary
1fruit or vegetable pickerThwaites Farms Ltd. — Langton, ON$14.39 an hour
2fruit farm workerMANN ORCHARD & NURSERY LTD — Vernon, BC$15.75 an hour 
3Apple PickerGagetown Distilling & Cidery — Gagetown, NBEstimated: $28,000 – $37,000 a year 
4picker, fruit or vegetableGene and Brenda Viaene — Strathroy, ON$14.39 an hour
5mushroom pickerUnionville Mushrooms Farm Inc. — Markham, ON$14.50 an hour
6apple pickerStirlings Mountainside Farms 2017 Ltd — Centreville, NS$12.95 an hour
7farm worker, fruitMaxwell Apple Orchards — Clarksburg, ON$14.39 an hour
8small fruit pickerWholesome Pickins Ltd. — Delhi, ON$14.39 an hour
9Fruit harvesterB & T Oakley Orchards Ltd — Clarksburg, ON$14.39 an hour
10labourer, fruit farmingRock Island Managment Inc. — Ruthven, ON$14.39 an hour
11mushroom pickerF&A VEGGY-SYMPHONY AGRICULTURE INC. — Mount Hope, ON$14.35 an hour
12labourer, fruit farmingKoning Enterprises — Chatham-Kent, ON$14.39 an hour
13Fruit Farm Workers –S SUNDHER ORCHARDS — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour
14fruit harvesterRaymont’s Berries — Cottam, ON$14.39 an hour
15mushroom pickerBrantford Mushroom Farm — Brantford, ON$14.25 an hour
16greenhouse workerMARAR ORCHARDS LTD. — Creston, BC$17.50 an hour
17fruit farm workerAppletop Farm — Clarksburg, ON$14.39 an hour
18general farm workerRockyview Seed Ltd. — Rocky View, AB$28 an hour
19apple pickerFuller Brothers Farm Inc. — Avonport, NS$12.95 an hour
20farm worker, fruitPrica Orchard — Waterloo, ON$15.50 an hour
21farm worker, fruitMillen Farms Ltd — Great Village, NS$12.95 an hour
22fruit harvesterBill & Paul Rhodes — Chatham-Kent, ON$14.39 an hour
23fruit farm workerInnova Fruit Co. Inc — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour
24Fruit Farm LabourerGurpartap Brar — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour
25fruit farm labourerRobert Milan Bizjak — Vineland Station, ON$14.39 an hour
26Labourer, fruit farmingPelee Island Winery — Pelee, ON$14.39 an hour
27general farm workerDiscount Movers Ltd. — Red Deer County, AB$15.42 – $17.42 an hour
28mushroom pickerWindyview Acres — Sunderland, ON$14.50 an hour
29labourer, fruit farmingHigh Point Orchards LTD. — Kentville, NS$12.95 an hour
30General Farm WorkerFunction Junction Fruit Ltd. — Kelowna, BC$17.50 an hour
31farm worker, fruitParkway Orchards — Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON$14.85 an hour
32farm worker, fruitJohn Jaskiewicz, Joanne Jaskiewicz — Jordan Station, ON$14.39 an hour
33fruit farm workerLUTZ FAMILY FARM LTD — Berwick, NS$12.95 an hour
34farm workerCircle D Ranch Yukon — Whitehorse, YT$17.31 an hour
35Fruit farm labourerGeorge and John Kroslak — Ruthven, ON$14.39 an hour
36fruit farm labourerCol-Mac Orchards Limited — Kingsville, ON$14.39 an hour
37labourer, fruit farmingC. Zambito & Son Farms — Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON$14.39 an hour
38fruit farm workerLJA FARMS INC. — Kingsville, ON$14.39 an hour
39Fruit Farm WorkersB & J Berry Farm Ltd. — Abbotsford, BC$15.20 an hour
40fruit farm workerC Warren Farms — Vineland Station, ON$14.39 an hou
41labourer, fruit farmingCanard Orchards Ltd — Centreville, NS$12.95 an hour
42farm worker, fruitApple Springs Orchards LTD. — Clarksburg, ON$14.39 an hour
43harvesting labourerOntario Potato Dist. (Alliston) Inc. 1991 — Alliston, ON$14.39 an hour
44Greenhouse workerCharles C Forman, Forman Farms — Seeleys Bay, ON$14.39 an hour
45labourer, farmDalton White Farms Ltd. — Delhi, ON$14.39 an hour
46farm labourerJealous Fruits Ltd. — Winfield, BC$15.20 – $19.00 an hour
47Farm Fruit WorkerSandhar Farms ltd — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour
48farm worker, fruitNick DeRosa — Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON$15 an hour
49farm worker, fruitLennox Farm (1988) Ltd. — Melancthon, ON$15 an hour
50labourer, fruit farmingHarold Smith Holdings — Vineland Station, ON$14.39 an hour
51fruit farm workerPardo’s Berrie Farm — Blenheim, ON$14.39 an hour
52General Farm WorkersG.P. SANDHER HOLDINGS LTD — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour
53farm worker, fruitAJ Lepp Orchards Ltd. — Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON$14.39 an hour
54fruit farming labourerRoyalview Orchards Limited — Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON$14.39 an hour
55General Farm WorkerG2G Berry Farm Inc. — Langley, BC$17 an hour
56Farm WorkersCanadian Nectar Products — Montague, PE$12.85 an hour
57general farm workerSchuyler Farms Limited — Simcoe, ON$14.39 an hour
58fruit farm labourerManitree Fruit Farm — Blenheim, ON$14.39 an hour
59labourer, fruit farmingGrafton Farm Ltd — Langley, BC$15.20 an hour
60Fruit Orchard WorkerBalwinder Khun Khun – Khun Khun Orchards — Kelowna, BC$15.20 an hour

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the job posted above, please feel free to drop your concerns in the comment section down below.

⚠ Safety Tip: Do not pay anyone for any kind of application, information or interview. A genuine recruiter will never ask for money for your recruitment. Do not fall for petty scams.