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Commonwealth Seniors Health Card – What is it and how you can apply ?

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card application online 2021

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Australia – Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is a service card provided by the Government of Australia that lets you enjoy discounts and concessions at while consuming different public or private services.

What is Commonwealth Seniors Health Card ?

It is a concession card that will let you enjoy cheaper health care and even discounts if you’ve reached your Age pension age.
This is a card given by the Australian Government to elder people so that they can be served with affordable and quality health care services.

What are the card benefits ?

With this card you can get discounts and concessions on various health care services as well as other living costs.

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With the CSHC (Commonwealth Seniors Health Card), you can get cheaper medicines under PBS(Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme).

Some of the benefits include:

  • concessions rate of $0.60 each for prescriptions
  • free prescriptions once you spend upto the PBS Safety Net Limit in a calendar year.

Above are the benefits you may get once you get the CSHC card. However, you could still have higher medical costs if:

  • you need to see a doctor for more expertise visit
  • have different types of scans or blood tests.

Using the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you can also get discounts on the following fields:

  • property and water rates
  • dental treatment
  • electricity and gas bills
  • ambulance service
  • public transport fares
  • eye care

The government do not set any discount or concession amounts. All the rates are set by the organizations and business that charge these fees.

How do I get this card?

To get this card, you must follow and abide by following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be by pension age.
  • You must meet the current identity requirements
  • You must also meet the income test.
  • You must provide a Tax File Number or be exempt from doing so.
  • You must not be getting paymet from Government or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
  • You must meet the residence rules.

Here is the sample of the card as provided by ServicesAustralia.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Sample (Source: ServicesAustralia)

There are different eligibility criteria to get a CSHC card.

You can also get a CSHS card as the eligibility depends on the CSHS income test which includes

  • Allocated pensions(deemed income on account-based pensions)
  • Adjusted Taxable Income

How to apply for commonwealth seniors health card?

You can apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card either through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DoAV) or Services Australia.

If you want to apply via (DoAV), you can either:

If you are a couple, you will also need to provide your partner’s information as part of the application.

Your partner can either:

What is the income limit for Commonwealth Seniors Health card ?

The is available for people who have reached the age limit and have adjusted the annual taxable income not exceeding $50,000(for a sigle person). If you are living together as a couple, it is combined $80,000.