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Banking Jobs in Malta | Exciting Banking Careers 2021

Banking Jobs in Malta Latest Vacancy Announcement 2021

Exciting Banking Jobs in Malta 2021 | Latest Bank Careers and Vacancies Openings: If you’re seeking intriguing banking jobs in various locations across Malta, welcome to the banking sector career opportunities in Malta. Banking Jobs in Malta are steadily growing as the country slowly grasps its economic boom.

In this post, we will be sharing the latest banking jobs in Malta. You’ll also learn where to look for banking jobs in Malta, as well as the required qualifications, as well as the average compensation. You will also learn about the latest development in the banking sector in Malta and how you can be a professional banker working in Malta.

Job Description

Job TypeBanking Jobs in Malta
EducationDiploma – Certifications
BenefitsExciting Benefits + Compensation
Last Updated On28th July 2021

Over the past two decades, the Banking sector of Malta has steadily grown. According to, the banking sector in Malta has grown from four retail banks to 23 operative licensed banks at the end of 2019. Almost 62 Billion – 60% of the banking sector is foreign-owned. The six core domestic banks employ over 82% of the sector’s workforce numbering around 4,932 employees.

Banking Jobs in Malta | Central Bank of Malta
Central Bank of Malta is headquartered at Binja Laparelli, St James’s Counterguard, Valletta.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the main governing body for all banking, insurance, investment, and other business. The Central Bank of Malta is officially responsible for maintaining price stability through the different implementation of rules and regulations.

There are various ranges of jobs available in the banking sector of Malta. You can get jobs from receptionists, bank tellers,s or other high-end banking jobs such as investment advisors, analysts, auditors, and so on.

How to find banking jobs in Malta?

It is not easy to find legitimate banking jobs in Malta. If you are not prepared and have not researched well, there is a high chance that you will be scammed. Therefore, we advise you to do proper research before you submit your documents or other things for applying for Banking Jobs in Malta.

There are many recruitment agencies in Malta that you can contact to get different banking jobs. You can visit the career page of different banks or financial institutions and look for open positions. Another effective way is to look for a job posting site where you can filter different jobs based on different criteria.

Depending upon different job types you may have to apply for the job online by filling and creating accounts and different job portals. Most of the banking jobs will require relevant experience in the field, so make sure you have a lot of in-field knowledge before you apply.

Banking Jobs in Malta for foreigners and Immigrants

Many people from different countries travel to Malta for work purposes. Due to this, there is a great chance that banking jobs in Malta for foreigners will be open and available as many financial institutions are looking to onboard global talents.

We have collected and listed out various banking jobs in Malta so that it would be possible for you to successfully build a banking career in Malta.

100+ Latest Banking Jobs in Malta 2021

Here we present you the list of the latest banking jobs in Malta 2021 that you can apply to. Here different jobs from Junior Assistant to Senior Management is listed so that you can have a variety of job to choose from.

If you are looking for accountant and sales jobs in Malta, you can make a good amount of money from that sector too. The banking sector is also a profitable one where you can earn a lot of money.

S.N.Job TitleLocationAction
1Regulatory Reporting Officer (Banking) Malta IslandView and Apply
2Finance Assistant Malta IslandView and Apply
3Head of Business Generation (Banking) Malta IslandView and Apply
4Dutch Speaking Customer Support Officer for Banking Company in Malta Gżira, Malta IslandView and Apply
5Deputy Head (Ongoing) within Banking Supervision Malta IslandView and Apply
6Retail Banking Supervisor Gżira, Malta IslandView and Apply
7APS.11.21 – General Banking Officer MaltaView and Apply
8Customer Relations Officer (Corporate Banking) Malta IslandView and Apply
9Finance Officer Ta’ Xbiex, Malta IslandView and Apply
10Finance Assistant Malta IslandView and Apply
11Consumer & Micro Business Finance Manager Malta IslandView and Apply
12Finance Reporting Officer Malta IslandView and Apply
13Finance Reporting Officer Malta IslandView and Apply
14Senior Officer Trade Finance Services Malta IslandView and Apply
15Consumer & Micro Business Finance Malta IslandView and Apply
16Senior Back End Developer (any location) Birkirkara, Malta IslandView and Apply
17Senior Credit Officer Malta IslandView and Apply
18Risk Monitoring Analyst Malta IslandView and Apply
19Senior Credit Officer Malta IslandView and Apply
20Risk Monitoring Analyst Birkirkara, Malta IslandView and Apply
21Risk Monitoring Analyst Malta IslandView and Apply
22Monitoring Manager Malta IslandView and Apply
23CFO Malta IslandView and Apply
24Analyst (Resolution) Malta IslandView and Apply
25Analyst within Strategy, Policy & Innovation – MFSA Malta IslandView and Apply
26Junior Analyst (Funds) within Securities and Markets Supervision – MFSA Malta IslandView and Apply
27Junior Analyst (Market Oversight) Malta IslandView and Apply
28Payments Officer San Ġwann, Malta IslandView and Apply
29Senior Manager (Asset Management Supervision) Malta IslandView and Apply
30MLRO Mosta, Malta IslandView and Apply
31Corporate Relations Officer – New Business Team Sliema, Malta IslandView and Apply
32Corporate Relations Officer – Account Management Team Sliema, Malta IslandView and Apply
33Junior Associate Birkirkara, Malta IslandView and Apply
34Recruitment Consultant – Full Training Malta IslandView and Apply
35Cards Operations Manager Malta IslandView and Apply
36Junior Regulatory Reporting Officer Malta IslandView and Apply
37German speaking Customer Service Specialist to Malta Gżira, Malta IslandView and Apply
38Analyst Malta IslandView and Apply

Banking Jobs Salary in Malta

An average working person in the Banking sector in Malta earns around 5030 EUR monthly (average). The salary ranges from the lowest 1,560 EUR to 10,300 EUR on average monthly.

If you are still interested to know about the average salary of particular banking jobs in Malta, you can explore more from the table below:

S.NJob TitleAverage Salary
1AML Analyst6,870 EUR
2Bank Accounts Manager5,740 EUR
3Bank Auditing Manager6,000 EUR
4Bank Branch Manager7,990 EUR
5ATM Service Technician1,800 EUR
6Bank Accounts Executive5,300 EUR
7Bank Accounts Analyst2,660 EUR
8Bank Accounts Controller3,450 EUR
9Phone Banker2,570 EUR
10Assistant Bank Branch Manager6,060 EUR
11Assistant Bank Manager8,010 EUR
12ATM Manager6,990 EUR
13Bank Clerk1,580 EUR
14Bank Compliance Specialist4,480 EUR
15Bank Manager10,100 EUR
16Bank Operational Risk Manager9,370 EUR
17Bank Operations Head9,620 EUR
18Bank Operations Officer4,010 EUR
19Bank Operations Specialist5,880 EUR
20Bank Process Manager5,340 EUR
21Bank Product Manager6,330 EUR
22Bank Programme Manager6,610 EUR
23Bank Project Manager7,710 EUR
24Bank Propositions Manager7,100 EUR
25Bank Quantitative Analyst4,740 EUR
26Bank Regional Manager10,600 EUR
27Bank Regional Risk Officer5,430 EUR
28Bank Relationship Manager7,300 EUR
29Bank Relationship Officer3,400 EUR
30Banker3,480 EUR
31Banking Business Analyst5,210 EUR
32Banking Business Development Officer3,170 EUR
33Banking Business Planning Executive7,200 EUR
34Banking Product Manager6,130 EUR
35Banking Reference Data Manager5,710 EUR
36Banking Risk Analyst5,230 EUR
37Banking Technical Analyst2,830 EUR
38Bankruptcy Coordinator3,610 EUR
39Budget Analyst5,160 EUR
40Cards Marketing Manager6,270 EUR
41Cash Management Manager9,140 EUR
42Check Processing Manager6,980 EUR
43Commercial Vault Associate5,230 EUR
44Corporate Dealer5,210 EUR
45Credit Analyst4,180 EUR
46Credit and Collections Manager6,800 EUR
47Credit Card Fraud Investigator5,380 EUR
48Credit Portfolio Manager9,230 EUR
49Credit Risk Analyst5,940 EUR
50Credit Risk Associate5,470 EUR
51Direct Bank Sales Representative3,810 EUR
52Financial Bank Planning Consultant6,900 EUR
53Financial Banking Analysis Manager7,660 EUR
54Financial Banking Assistant2,560 EUR
55Financial Banking Systems Manager6,850 EUR
56Foreign Exchange Manager7,580 EUR
57Fraud Analyst5,430 EUR
58Fraud Detection Associate3,880 EUR
59Fraud Detection Manager8,190 EUR
60Fraud Detection Supervisor4,380 EUR
61Internal Bank Audit Manager9,760 EUR
62Internal Bank Auditor4,860 EUR
63International Banking Manager10,600 EUR
64Loan Analyst4,890 EUR
65Loan Area Manager6,420 EUR
66Loan Audit Team Leader6,010 EUR
67Loan Branch Manager5,570 EUR
68Loan Collector1,730 EUR
69Loan Examiner2,150 EUR
70Loan Collection Manager5,930 EUR
71Loan Quality Assurance Manager5,740 EUR
72Loan Quality Assurance Representative3,950 EUR
73Loan Processing Manager5,500 EUR
74Loan Processor2,370 EUR
75Loan Quality Assurance Auditor4,990 EUR
76Loan Business Development Officer3,110 EUR
77Loan Clerk1,870 EUR
78Loan Review Manager5,580 EUR
79Loan Team Leader5,160 EUR
80Mortgage Advisor3,660 EUR
81Mortgage Collection Manager5,770 EUR
82Mortgage Operations Manager9,090 EUR
83Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk1,870 EUR
84Mortgage Processing Manager5,820 EUR
85Mortgage Development Manager6,520 EUR
86Mortgage Document Reviewer2,290 EUR
87Mortgage Funding Manager6,360 EUR
88Mortgage Collector1,670 EUR
89Mortgage Credit Analyst2,800 EUR
90Mortgage Credit Manager5,500 EUR
91Mortgage Processor2,360 EUR
92Mortgage Quality Assurance Auditor5,010 EUR
93Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager5,930 EUR
94Personal Banker3,730 EUR
95Personal Banking Advisor3,960 EUR
96Mortgage Underwriter2,070 EUR
97Online Banking Manager9,310 EUR
98Payment Processing Clerk1,780 EUR
99Mortgage Servicing Clerk1,710 EUR
100Mortgage Servicing Manager5,610 EUR
101Private Banker3,740 EUR
Average Baking related salary in Malta (Source: Salaryexplorer)

Qualifications for Banking Jobs in Malta

Banking is a highly skilled job and it requires lots of dedication, expertise in the field, and a lot of professionalism. With it, you also require a proper set of skill sets and qualifications to work in a financial institution. Below are some of the qualification that needs to be fulfilled in order to get proper banking jobs in Malta :

  • Strong academic and professional qualifications
  • Degree from reputed universities in the areas of Economics, Banking and Finance, Econometrics, Statistics, ICT, and other related fields.
  • Equivalent to high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D.
  • Skilled in Computer related skills.

Course for Banking Careers in Malta

As discussed earlier, Banking is a skilled job that requires many high-end skills. Due to this, you need to be aware and knowledgeable about various financial education. Here are some of the common courses you can take to be legible to work for Banking Jobs in Malta :

  • MBA
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Banking and Financial Management
  • ACCA
  • International Businenss
  • Financial Risk Management (FRM)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Corporate/Business Law
  • Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)
  • Chartered Investment Banking Analyst (CIBA)

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the job posted above, please feel free to drop your concerns in the comment section down below.

⚠ Safety Tip: Do not pay anyone for any kind of application, information or interview. A genuine recruiter will never ask for money for your recruitment. Do not fall for petty scams.