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5 Proven tips to ace your first Remote Job Interview in 2021

5 proven methods to ace Remote Job Interviews in 2021

Be Successful on Remote Job Interview | With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies shifted their policy of taking interviews entirely online. Many small to big companies have begun using systems like Zoom and Google Meet to schedule online meetings and interview sessions with the job candidate.

A job interview itself is a very challenging experience. You will have to convince your employers that you have the potential to work and you will bring value to their company. You will have to stand out from a pool of other candidates who are in a similar position and want job as badly as you.

Now imagine taking those interviews with people and recruiters from different companies from the comfort of your home where you will be using Internet and leverage modern tools to see you from a large distance away. It could be pretty difficult if you are not well prepared. You can view our guide to 100 common interview questions to practice before going to an interview.

Here the article is divided into two distinct parts:

  • Before the Interview Process
  • During the Interview Process

Each phase explains what you have to consider to be good and excel at giving remote online job interviews in 2021.

Before the Interview Process

Generally Remote Job Interviews are taken for positions that are remotely workable. Meaning, job positions like Software Developers and so on but that may not entirely be the case.

You may have to submit your Resume, CV or Cover Letter or any other documents specified by the company. Again, this document that you submit must be according to the requirement and need of the company.


If you already have experience working, point them out in your submitted document.

If you do not have any prior experience, make use of ample phrases and words that will indicate that you are motivated and really excited to work for them.

Position yourself in a well-lit room

Choose a quiet, well-lit room with good amount of sunlight and room with very less interaction. This will help you minimize distractions.

Online Interview will also provide glimpse of your personal life to the recruiters, so you do not want people or dirty clothes hanging behind you, do you?

It is important to choose a place where there will be minimal noise and there will be clear communication between you and the interviewee.

If you have a separate room, set up your desk/table to a position where you will be clearly visible, audible and no disturbance will come your way.

Test your all devices and technology beforehand

It is very important to test your devices early before the interview begins.

Check if your webcam is working or not or if there are any audio issues. Check to see if your headphones are not giving any disturbances and are not having any serious issue.

Check if there is power connection available and the Wi-Fi status. Sometimes, Wi-Fi may suddenly not work, so be sure you have ways to connect to them in case Wi-Fi stops working.

Also, be sure to test the video conferencing software that you will be using is properly working or not. Sometimes, you will have an outdated version of such software and it will start updating the time on your interview, disturbing your interview process. Also, in some applications, there are filters that may apply to you. Here is a very hilarious example of a lawyer in a cat filter during a court file.

Also charge your laptop or computer so you have backup power.

Dress Appropriately

Be sure to wear comfortable dress that is semi-formal or casual. Make it more specific so that it sparks Business etiquette.

Do not wear loose clothes or clothes that are too revealing.

Dress professionally and be sure that you make them believe that you are serious about the job position they are offering.

Prepare yourself once

This doesn’t need much explanation.

Prepare yourself once by being the interviewer and ask the potential questions that recruiters may ask to you.

Try to give modest and truthful answer that at the end meets the requirements of the company.

During the Interview

After we’ve all done the previous step, we are now ready to face the interview. Turn on the camera, adjust your dress and let’s start interview with smile on our face.

Greet the interviewer properly

Introduce yourself and greet the interviewer with proper salutation.

Video talks sometimes may be awkward because you two both may start talking at the same time, so make sure to listen before you put your words into action.

Talk clearly and make small talk

Talk with clear pronunciation and clear words. Do not use jargon that may confuse the interviewer.

Try to make the interviewer comfortable with small talks and break the ice.

Think of couple of points ahead of time and speak them with ease.

Maintain good body posture and body language

Maintaining a good body posture is absolutely essential in a remote job interview process. Do not put yourself like you are going to sleep any moment.

Body language also plays an important role while explaining your ideas. Be specific of hand gestures while you explain your experiences or job related things to the interviewer.

Bonus: After the interview process

Generally, it is professional to send Thank you notes to the recruiters and interviewers as they will have a long day interviewing many people like you by Remote Job Interview process.

A little words of appreciation from you will eventually make their day end happily and they will also notice your professionalism.

Note: Send the note or e-mail to the interviewer 24 hours after your interview has been taken. Also, if there are multiple people, you can reach them out personally.

Video Tools for Online Remote Job Interview

There are numerous tools available through which you can conduct Remote Job Interview sessions. Some of the most common and popular tools are:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • VidCruiter
  • SparkHire

You can get the downloadable pdf below.

⚠ Safety Tip: Do not pay anyone for any kind of application, information or interview. A genuine recruiter will never ask for money for your recruitment. Do not fall for petty scams.