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10 powerful tips to consolidate your unemployed friend

How to consolidate your unemployed friend

Learn How to consolidate your unemployed friend | When someone close to you, your friend, colleague, or even your relatives loses the job, it’s a difficult situation. Losing a source of income means legitimate frustration even though people may not show it in front of you directly. In this situation, we should help them lift heavyweight from their shoulders, try to cheer them up, and be supportive.

Being supportive sounds easy but it is not easy to practice. Sometimes, the thing you want to say and the way people interpret differ. This arouses misunderstanding or a level of discomfort which you do not want.


In this article, we will be talking about what are the things that you need to say and what things you need to avoid talking to consolidate someone of they have lost their job or have been fired.

Let’s learn how to consolidate your unemployed friend

Why should you consolidate someone if they lose their job?

Losing job not only means losing a source of income but losing work-life and in some cases faith in oneself. By being supportive, you instill into them that they are still capable and strong enough to withstand the situation. By offering support, you make sure that their transition period is full of confidence and power to find and achieve new opportunities.

Do’s while consolidating a friend

Ask how they feel and say that you are sorry to hear about it.

Be genuine and ask them about how they currently feel about the situation. When people go through tough times, they want to hear words of empathy and understanding. By communicating supportive advice, you can comfort them. Talk about the bright side of theirs and tell them that these sides will surely help them look into future possibilities. Never make them feel they are your unemployed friend.

Tell them you are available if they want to say anything

Sometimes your friend may want to talk about things. Tell them that you are available to talk and have understanding communication. You want to listen to them actively while they express themselves or their anger, frustration or even words of relief.

Provide Emotional Support

Times like these are prime times of emotional turmoil. People may start questioning themselves repeatedly why they were left out even though they were loyal and good to the company. So remind them that they are still valuable and talented regardless of their employment status.

Get out together and spend some times

Losing a job means losing work-life time too. You would want to get closer and enjoy fun times together. People may get socially isolated as a majority of their social circle will be with people with who they work. By doing activities like a short hike, talk over coffee, or inviting them to lunch, you can ensure that there is more than a job in their life.

Offer them good books to read

This may not exactly be a go-to tip but times of unemployment may be a time where people question their skills or capability. Giving them a good book to read means you are giving way to self-access and reflect during this time. People do not get enough time to think about such things while working, so it may prove very beneficial in the long run. You can provide biography books or self-help books to help them consolidate. You can recommend books like The Alchemist to get started.

How can I help?

Sometimes you may not be of immediate help or in some cases you can help as a connector to find him/her to their potential job. Even though you may or may not help them find their next job, asking how you can be of any help is still a subtle way of communicating and raising your concerns.

You can help them by introducing him/her to people of your circle or in such networking event or job fair.


Below we have mentioned some of the tips that you should absolutely avoid to unemployed friend or those who have recently lost a job.

Everything happens for a reason

Don’t expect people to look for bright side on times of turmoil. Perhaps they have already told themselves to look at the bright side and are struggling with it. Telling them that “everything happens for a reason” or “do not worry you are greater than your job” is just exaggerating  and people may think that you are trying to show sympathy.

I’m sure you’ll be fine

Again do not try to consolidate by saying things they already know. You should help them ease their pain, not reinvigorate it.

I’m sure you’ll find your next job soon.

Although it is the thing they want to hear, no body knows about the future. Installing unstable faith may be more damageable than you think. Although it may reassuring to hear such phrases, it does more harm than good.

I’m working so hard……. enjoy some time off

It’s the absolute worst thing you can possibly say to your friend if they have been fired. Being unemployed means serious concerns about one’s job ability and their financial situation. Telling to enjoy their time off is rude and often worst advice one can offer. Remember unemployment is not a vacation to enjoy.

You’re overreacting…..look there are plenty of opportunities

Sometimes we often overlook the impact created by unemployment. They may have bills to pay, credit to return or many financial management. Also they may already be figuring out their next steps but are reluctant to take action promptly. In most of the cases, they already know things to do but are unable to. Saying that they’re overreacting adds fuels to the fire and may frustrate them even more.

If your friend or relative have lost their job, it’s important to remind them that they have not lost a supportive friend. You have to choose the words wisely and deliver comfort and support through your advice. Job loss not only means losing a job but losing whole set of co-workers, career planning, acquaintances and office culture. Do not let them be overwhelmed by losing a job, let them be reminded that you have not lost a precious friend.